The Goal:

The 100 Baby Challenge is one of the more difficult Sims 4 challenges out there. The aim is to give birth to 100 children in as few generations as you can.

It’s not always easy…

How to Play:

100 Baby Challenge

  1. Create your Sim

    Make a female Sim in Create-A-Sim to start the challenge with. Since you want to finish the challenge in as few generations as possible, it is recommended you set their age as young adult. Make sure that your Sim’s lifespan is set to normal.

  2. Start making babies!

    One rule for this challenge is that you may not have more than one baby with the same father (unless of course you have twins or triplets).

  3. No cheating

    You may not use any in-game cheats, but you are permitted to age-up the babies immediately after giving birth. To do this simply click on the baby’s crib and select Age Up from the menu option.

  4. Give birth to girls

    To continue the legacy you must give birth to at least one female Sim. When your founder becomes an elder, the challenge is taken over by their youngest daughter.

For more in-depth rules and challenge variations check out Snarky Sims Witch Tumblr post.

Sim holding baby

How to Win The 100 Baby Challenge:

The challenge ends when either the 100th child is born or you run out of female heirs to continue the legacy. The number generations it takes to give birth to 100 babies determines how successfully you have completed the challenge.

Challenge Badges correspond to the number of generations it takes to have 100 babies:

Bronze Badge = 10 generations or more

Silver Badge = 6 – 9 generations

Gold Badge = 4 or 5 generations

Platinum Badge = 3 generations or less

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