The Goal:

The Apocalypse Challenge puts your Sim survival skills to the test. The challenge is set in the near-future, shortly after a nuclear war that has wiped out most of humanity. Your Sim managed to survive the war by hiding in their bomb shelter. Have you got what it takes to help your Sim live out the rest of their lives in this nuclear-devastated world?

Apocalypse Challenge Bunker

How to Play:

Apocalypse Challenge

  1. Make your survivor Sim

    Create your Sim in Create-A-Sim. If you have the Cats and Dogs expansion pack you may also make one companion pet for your survivor. Your Sim should be a young-adult and the lifespan length should be set to normal.

  2. Buy some land

    Purchase a plot of land where you will build your shelter. Make sure to remove all other lots from the world since the nuclear war destroyed almost everything.

  3. Build your shelter

    Make an underground bunker using the basement tool. Your bunker should only be a single room with the bare necessities. Your bunker cannot cost more than §1000, which means you will have to choose your furniture carefully.

  4. Survive the apocalypse

    Your Sim must not leave their plot of land as there is great risk of exposure to nuclear fallout. They may communicate with other surviving Sims only through mobile phones or computers, but cannot meet in-person since travel is too dangerous. Cooking is restricted to items that can be kept in cans or stored for a long period of time. Fresh ingredients are forbidden since all plants and vegetables have been contaminated by the nuclear radiation.

Apocalypse Challenge Alone

How to Win The Apocalypse Challenge:

If your Sim dies of old age and nothing else, you have successfully completed the challenge. Surviving is one thing, but thriving is a whole other story. The skills that your Sim earns during their life in the bunker determine the level of success of completing the challenge.

Challenge Badges correspond to which milestones your Sim achieved while underground:

Bronze Badge = your Sim dies of natural causes / old age

Silver Badge = your Sim dies of old age and reaches level 10 in TWO skills of their choice

Gold Badge = your Sim dies of old age and reaches level 10 in FOUR skills of their choice

Platinum Badge = your Sim dies of old age and reaches level 10 in SIX skills of their choice

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