The Goal:

The Asylum Challenge is a challenge that that will test your patience to its limits. Your goal is to manage the life of a Sim with the erratic trait, in a household of Sims who are all insane as well.

This is a fun challenge that isn’t about building up a family fortune or legacy, rather it is about helping your chosen Sim to survive the asylum and eventually escape to freedom.

Sneaking Up

How to Play:

Asylum Challenge

  1. Create your Sims

    In Create-A-Sim, make a family of eight Sims who are all young adults. They must all have the erratic trait, but otherwise they can have any traits except self-assured. Make sure to set the lifespan length to normal.

  2. Build your Asylum

    Purchase a large lot in a world of your choice and build the asylum that will house your Sims. For this challenge there is no monetary restriction so you can build to your heart’s content.

  3. Don’t make things easy

    Your Sims already have the erratic trait. To really push their buttons the asylum will only have five beds, six seats, one bathroom, and the cheapest electronics.

  4. Choose one Sim

    For this challenge you will be only playing from the perspective of one chosen Sim. You are not allowed to use any cheats during the game and you may not switch to other Sims to influence their actions.

Kitchen Discussion

How to Win The Asylum Challenge

When your chosen Sim ‘escapes’ the asylum the challenge is completed. They can do this by completing their lifetime aspiration, to show that they’ve gained control over their life. You can read some more details about this challenge on this thread.

How quickly you help your Sim to escape the madhouse determines te level of success of the challenge.

Challenge badges correspond to the age of your Sim when they finally taste freedom.

Bronze Badge = Your Sim never escaped, but died of natural causes

Silver Badge = Your Sim escaped as an elder

Gold Badge = Your Sim escaped as an adult

Platinum Badge = Your Sim escaped as a young adult

Feel free to save and display your Challenge Badges on your blogs and social feeds: