The Goal:

The History Challenge is a spin-off from the Legacy Challenge. You play through several generations of Sims, with each generation advancing into another era of human history.

Your aim is to step through each era of history with your Sims, by completing goals to advance to the next time period.

Note: It is highly recommended that you play this challenge with the Outdoor Retreat Game Pack, as during the Prehistoric Era there are a number of items used during game-play from this pack.

The Wild West
The Old, Wild West

How to Play:

History Challenge

  1. Choose your ancestors

    Make two Sims in Create-A-Sim that will serve as your family’s ancestors.

  2. Prepare the world

    Your ancestors will begin in the prehistoric era, so they will need to be placed on an empty lot in an empty world. (You may have to delete some lots to play this challenge authentically.) Set the household income to §2500 by pressing ctrl+shift+c and typing money 2500 then pressing enter.

  3. The Prehistoric Era

    To earn money a Sim may sell collectibles, paintings and woodwork, but are not permitted to open a store.

  4. Early Civilization

    Sims may earn money through the Manual Labor career. In addition they may also play music for tips and sell books.

  5. Middle Ages

    Possible careers for your Sim include Entertainer and Painter. Another option to earn money is to license written songs.

  6. The Old West

    New career options include: Business, Writer, Athlete, and Doctor careers. Sims may sell clothes, and may hire one employee for their personal store.

  7. Industrial Age

    Careers unlocked are Culinary and Babysitter.

  8. Roaring Twenties

    Income options now include Criminal, Retail Worker, Detective, and Barista careers.

  9. Modern Day

    If you’ve made it this far, your Sims can now enjoy the freedom of joining any career path!

Modern Day
The comforts of modern living

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