History Challenge Specifics:

For each era you need to ensure that your Sims live realistically according to that time period.

For example, your ancestor Sims don’t live in a house, instead they live in a tent or outside on your land. They cannot get a regular job to earn income. They must survive solely on what they can produce with their skills. Such as catching fish and eating from plants that they grow.

Goals to progress to the next era:

  • Reach level 10 Fishing, Gardening and Handiness skill on one Sim
  • Earn §20,000 from selling rocks, fossils, woodwork etc.
  • Have one Sim have children with at least five different Sims
  • Catch an Anglerfish worth at least §1500
  • Have no family member die from unnatural causes

After progressing from the Prehistoric era, each subsequent era is gained by the birth of a new generation.

Whenever you transition into a new era, you may redecorate you house in that style and use era-specific objects. For a full list of restrictions see History Challenge Sims 4 Forum Post. Also check out this great compilation of custom content resources for that fits the challenge theme.

How to Win History Challenge:

The level of success of this challenge is determined by how many eras your Sim generations live through.

Challenge Badges correspond to the number of eras/generations stemming from your ancestors:

Bronze Badge = The Old West / Generation 4

Silver Badge = The Industrial Age / Generation 5

Gold Badge = The Roaring Twenties / Generation 6

Platinum Badge = Modern Day / Generation 7

Feel free to save and display your Challenge Badges on your blogs and social feeds: