The Goal:

The Legacy Challenge is a classic Sims challenge that is similar to the Rags to Riches. However, there is one main difference between the two; the Legacy Challenge is played over several generations.

Your aim is to grow the family legacy and fortune by playing through several generations of Sims.

There are many variations of the challenge out there, and you can check out if you want some more in-depth rules.

The Founding Couple
Just married and bought a fixer-up house!

How To Play:

Legacy Challenge

  1. Create a founder

    Go to Create-A-Sim and make a Sim that will be the founder of your legacy.

  2. Purchase a lot

    Once you have made your founder, buy the biggest empty lot in a world of your choice.

  3. Start off poor

    After purchasing the land, set household funds to §10,000 by pressing ctrl+shift+c and typing money 10000 then pressing enter.

  4. Build and prosper

    Start earning money to build and expand your house. Your Sim must have a family with at leas one child, so that the legacy can continue.

Rich Founders
Legacy founders now retired and surrounded by family

How to Win Legacy Challenge:

This particular challenge is open-ended. The level of success is determined by how many generations of Sims your founder produces. If your Sim dies and they have no children, the challenge ends.

Challenge Badges correspond to the number of generations your legacy has:

Bronze Badge = 5 generations

Silver Badge = 6 – 9 generations

Gold Badge = 10 – 15 generations

Platinum Badge = 20+ generations

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