The Goal:

The Rags to Riches challenge is about helping your Sim to escape homelessness and move on to a life of luxury.

Starting from humble beginnings…

How to Play:

Rags to Riches Challenge

  1. Create your Sim

    Set lifespan length to normal and create your Sim with a lifetime aspiration of Fabulously Wealthy.

  2. Purchase land

    Move your Sim onto the largest empty lot in a world of your choice.

  3. Remove remaining cash

    After purchasing the land, remove any remaining cash from the household funds by pressing ctrl+shift+c and typing money 0 then pressing enter.

  4. Don’t let your Sim die

    Use the surrounding public spaces to help your Sim survive. Parks can be a useful source of food as they often have plants that you can collect and cultivate. Note: as part of this challenge you may not plant anything on your own land.

  5. Make money!

    There are many different ways in which your Sim can earn money. They can perform in public spaces for tips, practice their painting skill at the local art gallery and sell their works, or just get an old-fashioned job.

Ending up on top of the world!

How to Win Rags to Riches:

The Rags to Riches challenge ends when either your Sim retires or they die. The Fabulously Wealthy lifetime aspiration has several milestones which determine how successfully you have completed the challenge.

The milestones have two indicators of success: money earned, and money in reserves:

  • Money earned is how much cash has gone into the household funds in total since the Sim started the game.
  • Money in reserves refers to the amount of cash in the household funds at any given time.

Challenge Badges correspond to the Fabulously Wealthy lifetime aspiration milestones.

Bronze Badge = Milestone I: Going for Not Broke

  • Earn §5,000
  • Have §10,000 in Reserve

Silver Badge = Milestone II: Learning Earning

  • Have Earned §25,000
  • Have §20,000 in Reserve

Gold Badge = Milestone III: Well-off

  • Have Earned §75,000
  • Have §35,000 in Reserve

Platinum Badge = Milestone IV: Fabulously Wealthy

  • Have Earned §200,000
  • Have §50,000 in Reserve

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