What is it?

The Sims Name Generator is a tool to help you find the perfect name for your Sims! Have you ever spent a hours making a Sim, choosing their hair, clothes and personality, only to get stuck when coming up with their name? If so, then this is the tool for you!

Create-A-Sim has a built-in name randomizer, but sometimes you want to give your Sim a more fitting name that will really suit their personality.

The Sims Name Generator has a database of over 2000 unique names. Every name’s meaning has been analyzed using a special algorithm to determine which Sims trait best fits the meaning.

We have focused on categorizing the names by Emotional traits. These are: Active, Cheerful, Creative, Genius, Gloomy, Goofball, Hot-Headed, Romantic, Self-Assured, and Unflirty.

The Sims Name Generator Examples

For instance, The name ‘Luna’ means “the moon” in Latin. Our algorithm has categorized this into the Gloomy trait group of names.

In contrast, ‘Garth’ comes from a surname meaning “garden” in Old Norse, originally given to someone who lived near or worked in a garden. The Sims Name Generator placed it into the Romantic trait category.

Ready to try it out?

Now that you have your Sim with a perfect name to match, why not attempt some tricky Sims 4 Challenges?

Happy Simming!