Basements are a great way to maximize lot space, or a welcome addition to any home if you have a paranoid Sim that needs a secret bunker! Unfortunately basements can sometimes be a bit sad with no natural light. We need basement windows!

Adding windows directly to a basement doesn’t work, since you’re just looking outside and straight into dirt! A great hack around this problem is to add pool windows – follow these easy steps to brighten up any underground space in The Sims 4!

How to add basement windows in The Sims 4:

  1. Locate the basement tool in Build mode

    Basement Tool The Sims 4

  2. Place your basement

    Put your basement wherever you’d like it to beBasement Sims 4

  3. Locate the pool tool in Build mode

    Pool Tool Sims 4

  4. Place your pool

    Make sure the pool is inside the basement you placed in earlier steps.Pool Sims 4

  5. Choose your pool windows

    Drop down the basement level and select your pool window. Note: bigger windows let in more lightWindow Select Sims 4

  6. Add your pool windows

    Let there be light! Add windows to your pool and see how your basement becomes a much brighter placeBasement Pool Windows

Now you know how to add windows to your basements. Check out these Tumblr posts for some pool inspiration, or start one of these fun challenges and build a basement pool to suit the different themes.

Happy Simming!