Rounded Counters and Clutter Cabinets are a great way to add some dimension to your Sims 4 kitchens. Finding them in Build mode is not so obvious. Follow these simple steps to build a kitchen Nancy Landgraab would be jealous of!

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to place rounded corners and clutter cabinets in The Sims 4

  1. Choose a counter or cabinet

    Navigate to the Build menu and choose the counter or cabinet style you would like to placeSelect Counter

  2. Turn Auto Counters off

    Click on the color swatches panel for your selected counter or cabinet to expand the color options. Next, click on the cog icon beside the color options to turn Auto Counters off.

  3. Choose your desired counter type

    After turning Auto Counters off you can see the different options available for that counter type, including corners.Corner Counters

  4. Rounded Counters

    If you select the kitchen island style of counter you will find the rounded corners here.Rounded Counters

  5. Clutter Cabinets

    You can also apply custom placement for overhead cabinets. Here you will find clutter cabinets and variable-sized overhead cabinet options.Clutter Cabinets

Now you know how to place rounded counters and clutter cabinets in your builds. Check out these Tumblr posts for some kitchen inspiration, or start one of these fun challenges and build a kitchen to suit the different themes.

Happy Simming!